Thursday, 2 February 2012

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In the world we are surrounded by positive and negative energy and it is like a magnetic force attracting like to like; consequently if we think negative thoughts, allow negative emotions to manifest we will attract negativity towards us; like wise if we think positive thoughts and allow positive emotions we will attract positivity towards us.

We are made up of electricity and thoughts are manifestations of electricity therefore they hold power and thus the power of our mind is our contribution to the universe, be it positive or negative.

Therefore our thoughts can not exist without causing an effect.

It is our responsibility therefore to become the gatekeeper of our mind to determine how our experience of life takes shape. Thinking positive will influence our path in a positive way and negative thinking in a negative way.

In addition to this fact there is another aspect of great importance, that of our chakras and their connection to the universe.

 Ideally if we can use our heart chakras to steer our life we will raise our vibration to a high level and at a high level we can only attract to ourselves positivity and deflect negativity. The heart chakra can only be open to positivity, e.g. love, joy, peace and happiness as I have demonstrated in the drawing.
It can not connect to negativity, therefore if negativity is held the heart chakra closes.

In life we are constantly fed negativity through the news on TV, papers etc and if we entertain these negative images, words, concepts etc given to us. By holding on to them, entertaining them we can become attached to the energy they create.

The powers that be are fully aware of these aspects of natural law and to hold us down under control they provide us with much negativity to attach ourselves to. A simple example of this is clear when we look at the pop charts; the songs are mainly about love break ups and negative struggles, rarely are the songs uplifting and positive and empowering.

It was through witnessing years of psychic attack, purposely done to create negativity and how many things in life were used as hooks to try and attach to the mind through negative thought.

In becoming aware of how this works and through wishing to simplify the concepts I drew this picture to aid me in explaining how to survive psychic attacks of this nature and how therefore to master survival of attacks of this type. And that is achieved by only allowing positive thoughts to manifest in ones mind ;yes negative thoughts may come , maybe triggered and felt, but it is the recognition of  that enables us to decide whether to allow them to continue to stay in our mind or to refuse to entertain them. Through practice of recognising when this is the case and therefore monitoring ones thoughts and feelings and deciding what we do with our time , what music we listen too, which TV programs we watch , what books we read and the activities we choose to do in life, we can determine to a large extent our experience of  our daily life.

Yes some aspects of the universe are very negative and need to be addressed; for denial of their existence will not make them go away. But we can choose the ways in which we face these aspects and seek positive ways to address them. Acknowledging they are there but choosing also when to address them, rather than allowing external elements determine this.

A simple example of this say you receive a bill in the post , whilst you know you currently do not have the money for to pay, then consider why open it? If it’s going to cause anxiety it would be wiser to leave until you do have money to pay it or feel positive enough in self to open it.

Another aspect I have learnt regarding letters whilst under attack from the powers that be is they love to bombard with letters to create worry, but through learning of meta physics and how by becoming conscious of things permits the energy to grow, I concluded if one does not open the letter then consciousness of its contents does not exist for you and therefore can not grow. By taking control of when one opens the letter, one takes control of when a manifestation occurs. And timing can be everything for such matters, (see blog re timing).

 Just because you received a letter, text, voice mail etc does not me you just react by opening up the communication flow, better to choose if and when one reacts to such hooks; retaining what power you have in oneself regarding such things.

So take control of what you think about and when and how, knowing that entertaining negativity cuts you off from your heart chakra and can render you controllable to negative forces.  Whereas your connection to the positive aspects of the universe via positive thoughts and actions will connect you to positive forces including spirit guides, angels, and the highest power.

One Love One heart

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